Parkmore Nursery School PROFILE

For children ages 2 - 5 years

Private School Terms | Beautiful Gardens | Safe Play Areas | Qualified ECD Staff | Member of ISASA | Established 1961 | Non Profit Company


The objective of Parkmore Nursery School is to operate and manage an educational facility, as an independent school registered in terms of the South African Schools Act, 84 of 1996, for the education of learners in the early childhood development and pre-school formative years.


Parkmore Nursery School’s vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected, and encouraged to develop to their individual potential. Our program is planned to promote growth in the lives of all children. The school adopts a holistic approach that enables each child to develop their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities. We know each child is unique and special and positive early childhood experiences are instrumental for a child’s overall development and to equip them with the skills that they may need in the future.


The mission of the Company is to provide a comprehensive pre-school education in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for lifelong learning.


At PNS we strive to create a happy, stimulating and caring environment for the children. We believe in the value of learning through play and each day offer a variety of activities to support this process.


Parkmore Nursery School is guided by the Early Childhood Curriculum Guidelines and a early childhood resource for ECD to build Science, Engineering, Technology, Maths (STEM) skills and climate change awareness and its impact through play. It empowers children and teachers alike for the future. A very widely accepted and popular method of playful learning and teaching. Essentially, this school of thought believes that the best way of teaching a child is through working with activities.

The school relies on of activities such as gross motor and fine motor activities, educational games, singing, free play, art activities and a lot more, to teach children. It is believed that such a method of learning brings exposure to the child in learning environment. The children are lead from what they know to new knowledge with the help of the teachers. The focus is entirely on the needs of the child and the activities revolve around fulfilling such needs.

The Playful method has been widely accepted by educational institutions dealing with young children in the age group of 2-5. It fits well with the commitment and aim of developing the individual child. The young child is given the opportunity of discovering the qualities and uses of materials by experimenting and exploring. The joy lies in doing rather than in the result. We see each child as a unique individual and will guide the child to develop In all areas to their full potential.


Parkmore Nursery School is registered with the Department of Education. The staff are caring and interact with the children the entire morning. The day is structured to included planned and interactive activities and a lot of free play time and social learning with the teachers help.


Parkmore Nursery School has a full-time Security Officer employed by the school, he is stationed outside during drop-off and collection time. The gate is open from 07h15 to 9h00, and 12h00 to 13h30, the gate is locked with a chain between 9h00 and 12h00. The school is linked to an armed response and emergency company and is secured by an electric fence and panic button system.


The school is registered with ISASA and the Gauteng Department of Education, and follows the ISASA terms calendar.
The Independent Schools Association of Southern Arica, ISASA, is the largest association of independent schools in South Africa and the Southern African region. Independent schools are also known as private schools. Parkmore Nursery School - ISASA


The main gate in 9th street opens at 7h15 and children may arrive until 9h00. The children must be escorted into the school. The school morning finishes at 12h10 for the junior section; Orange, Green and Yellow group and 12h20 for the senior section; Red and Blue group. It is important that children are collected promptly.


The school runs a 'Linger Longer' service every day from 12h30 to 13h30. The children bring a packed lunch to school and are under the supervision of staff until they go home. The Linger-longer is an additional charge, this facility is available on a monthly or ad hoc basis.


In the early 1960's Parkmore was a relatively new suburb full of young couples. The African Realty Trust realised the need for a Nursery school in the area and donated a double stand between 8th and 9th Street. The property developer, Roberts & Co. erected the school at cost and in March 1961, Parkmore Nursery School was officially opened. In the 60 years, Parkmore has had 8 headmistresses who have guided the school through to its present level of excellence. Over the years, the school has expanded considerably with alterations and improvements being made on a regular basis to satisfy the needs of the approximately 90 learners.

The school continues as a non-profit company and organisation managed by a Board of Directors elected by the parent body, which is responsible solely to the parent body.


Erica has been the Principal of Parkmore Nursery School from January 1998 and has over 25 years of teaching experience in the Nursery School environment. Erica has an Honours Degree in Education and a FDE in Special Education Needs from the University of the Witwatersrand. Erica has been part of the PNS community for 25 years and a PNS alumni attending the school in 1971. She believes that the preschool years create the foundation for lifelong learning. Her educational philosophy is that children learn through play and being actively involved in the learning process.


We are proud of our dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff that are all trained in Early Childhood Development and are certified with level 1 first aid, CPR and fire training. There is a unique relationship between the staff whereby everyone has a happy day at school and support each other to provide the best child care possible.



Always speak the truth


Have good manners


Be responsible for yourself




Show loving behaviour


Try your best


Try hard things


Learn consequences


Is the way


Fair treatment of all people


Create a safe environment



Children may be granted admission to the school if they are turning two and will continue at the school until they are five years old. They will attend Grade R at a preparatory or primary school.


An application fee is required to accompany an application form as well as a copy of the child's birth certificate and immunization record.


An enrolment fee is required when accepting a place.


A deposit equal to a terms fee is required to secure a child’s place at the school. This amount is refundable and will be credited to the account.


The school has a Capital Development fund, this is a once of fee, in addition to the fees.


School fees are payable in advance either monthly, termly, or annually. Monthly fees are levied over 11 months. When fees are not paid promptly, a child may be asked to leave the school and the place offered to a child listed on the waiting list.


A full terms notice, in writing, is required when leaving the school, or a full terms fee in lieu of notice. This notice must reach the principal on or before the first day of the term.